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Composite panels
Jun 17, 2016

Composite flooring and wood composite panels are mainly in two ways.

Flooring is a multi-layer laminated wood flooring, sheet metal 80% wooden. This floor usually is by surface layer, and core Board and bottom three part composition, which surface layer is by by special processing processing of wood lines paper and transparent of honey amine resin by high temperature, and high pressure pressure collection and into; core Board is with wood fiber, and sawdust or other wood quality granular material,, and organic mixed by pressure and into of high-density plate; bottom for with polymer stack pressure of paper quality layer.

Flooring specification is generally 1200mmx200mm Strip, plate thickness 8mm, its surface smooth and beautiful,

Solid wear, no distortion, no dry, does not stain and fade, do not need waxing, better durability, and easy to clean, easy laying. Flooring in living room, living room, bedroom and other ground pavement.

Wood and wood panels, it is formed by the three-layer glued lamination, upper and lower layer of plywood, the core is made of short wood of wood remaining after processing by processing wood, and then glued together into sheets.

Wood General 20mm, length 2000mm, width 1000mm, size large, smooth surface, easy to use. Wood can replace solid board application is commonly used as a decoration of interior walls, partitions, cabinets, etc.

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