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Rotary cut small wood
Jun 17, 2016

Rotary cut small wood is stained wood, Birch or gnarled tree roots as raw materials, after they have been boiled in water softening, rotary cut into thick 0.1mm

About slices, then use adhesive paste on the tough paper (paper backing) made of sheet. Or, using teak, ash, wood such as Meranti, through precise Rotary cutting, the meager thickness for 0.2~0.5mm manufactured wood, using advanced gluing technology and adhesives, adhesive in plywood substrates made from Super veneer plywood.

Rotary cut small wood patterns are beautiful, color and pleasing, realistic and grills have the characteristics of natural beauty. Tree root nodules produced by the little wood, with bird's eye pattern characteristics and decorative effect is better. Small wood is mainly used for building interior wall finishes, doors, cabinets and other furniture. This kind of decorative materials in Japan generally.

In addition, the Interior and some small parts of decoration, are also made of wood, such as sill plates, curtains,

Baseboards, they contact each other and Interior floors, walls, against each other, making the whole space style, material, color harmony and coordination, which received a good overall decorative effects.

Wood processing easy and good performance, is widely used in structural engineering, architectural engineering, and so on.

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