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Wood mouldings
Jun 17, 2016

Wood moldings mouldings for short. Wide range of mouldings, main stairs wall handrails, edges, waist line, ceiling corners, curved lines, hang lens. Wood three-dimensional shapes, each type of wood has different section shapes, such as twist lines, parallel lines, semi-circular line, Hatoo line, semicircular ornaments, ornaments, Omphalos, orphaned with teeth ornaments, s-shaped ornaments, ornaments, wresting attached ornaments, cross-flowers, plum blossoms, ornaments, ornaments and decorations, and diversity.

Interior decorated in wood line, can increase the beauty of simplicity, elegance, kindness. Wood waist line is mainly used for indoor wall decoration, wall hole trim line, panelling and plinth bead jewelry lines, door frame trim line, ceiling decorative moldings, balustrades, handrails, wall paintings, picture frame line and high line construction of doors, Windows and furniture, such as trim, attached Group of materials. Especially in our garden buildings and palaces of ancient architecture construction engineering, wood is an essential decorative material.

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