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Wood played a role in which
Jun 17, 2016

Wood processing technology in recent years is now the leading enterprises of the timber industry, basic industries, mainly based on forestry ecological benefits of most objective, wood processing technology can be said to cause more basic livelihood industries. Wood processing industry is to make full use of modern technology to production and processing, and also very efficient use of wood resources to meet customers for wood needs a career and life. Wood processing is one of the various types of precious wood as the main material, using more advanced processing equipment and chemical methods, combined with manufacturing of a technology, then adapted and created people most in need of products with different prices.

Wood processing process industry actually in whole national of economic in the are up to has very important of role, because wood is world Shang are recognized of a can regeneration of resources, not only can achieved continued of development and supply, also not on environment caused any of pollution, and insulation of effect is compared good of, so wood in building industry also has is important of role, can continued of recycling using, so everyone should are know whole wood industry is compared typical of green industry of representative. When we use the processed material, as the wood's products are mainly used in building construction, furniture, shipping containers and vehicles, packaging, and other wood products. Most are glued wood and plywood, and so on. This is part of the timber industry were well formed an independent industrial system.

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