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Wood processing and wood products industry has entered the era of network marketing
Jun 17, 2016

Output value of China's wood processing industry an annual growth of over 25%, wood became one of the fastest-growing industries in the building materials industry. Woodworking this development attracted more investment, big and small wood-processing production companies have sprung up, and clusters in wood processing market. Channel construction of wood processing enterprises is an important path of wood processing enterprises to grow, to construction is to grasp the fine woodworking to join strategy.

Wood processing enterprises in order to break the pattern store monopoly, not subject to woodworking stores, timber processing enterprises started to actively explore other wood processing and sales channels, such as the independent stores for wood processing, wood processing, such as e-commerce. Woodworking Channel diversity also improves the ability to timber processing enterprise risk. The independent mode will allow timber processing enterprises are no longer restricted by the store, in a way that is more conducive to brand mold for wood processing, wood processing enterprises to grow.

Experts say that timber processing enterprises to improve the level of marketing, from developing innovative wood processing products, employees, marketing promotion, promotional wood processing activities of organising and wood processing service with the timely and comprehensive, build powerful brands. Timber processing enterprises should be analyzed County-level characteristics in wood consumption, focusing on wood processing word of mouth marketing, product, service, wood processing. So, wood processing enterprises in the market in an invincible position.

Along with wood processing customer "fragmented" coming of age, wood entered the era of personalized consumer demand, popular woodworking market broken, combination woodworking market differentiation. The emergence of this phenomenon, predicted timber processing enterprise need to re-examine the market environment, redefining insights into consumers, consumers, take the initiative to go out and actively open up new opportunities, initiate effective wood processing and marketing, to make new wood processing plant steady. New sales channel for new wood processing plant can take, seize timber processing business, explore the woodworking market. Such as wood processing network marketing, is undoubtedly the new model of the woodworking channel development.

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