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Lumber Grades
Jun 17, 2016

Structural use of timber, usually timber, sheet metal, cumaru three profiles supplied. Log refers to branches, Peel and press processing specifications into a length of wood; plate thickness refers to the width of three times or three times more than profiles and cumaru is less than three times the width times the thickness of the profile.

According to the national standards, according to timber defects on a variety of grade the commodity wood, usually one or two, three or four, and so on. Wood is generally used for structural and decorative high grade wood. For load-bearing structures with wood, and the code for design of timber structures (GBJ5-88), and according to the load-bearing structure of the force requirements for timber grading, that is divided into I, II, and III levels, design should be selected according to type of force when the appropriate grade of wood. Such as load-bearing wood plates to choose from, according to the bearing characteristics, generally I grade for tensile or flexural; II grade for bending or compression-bending members; III grade for compression members and secondary beams.

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