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Moisture Content Of Wood
Jun 17, 2016

Water percentage of dry wood in the wood. Moisture in the wood can be divided into two parts, the part exists in the cell walls of the wood, known as the water; and another part exists in the cell cavities among the intercellular, called free water (water). When the water reaches saturation when there is no free water, known as the fiber saturation point. Wood fibre saturation point of difference as to species, approximately between 23~33%. When the moisture content is greater than the saturation point, water has little effect on wood properties. When moisture from the fiber saturation point decreases, the wood physical and mechanical properties change. Wood can absorb or evaporation of moisture in the atmosphere, with the ambient air humidity and temperature adaptation and achieve a constant moisture, known as equilibrium moisture content. Wood equilibrium moisture with the regions, seasons and climate change factors such as, approximately between 10~18%.

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