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Related Defects In Wood
Jun 17, 2016

① natural defects. Such as knots, cross grain as a result of stress or natural damage and the formation of defects. Wooden tree growth was wrapped in the xylem of the branch section. Cross grain of the wood is often referred to as twisted, sawn timber is called denim.

② Bio-damage defects. Main decay, discolouration and moth-eaten and so on.

③ dried and machine processing induced defects. Such as cracking, warping, bite wounds. Defect reduced timber value.

Black-dry wood easily catch fire.

In order to use wood, usually by different use requirements, limit the type, size and number of allowed defects in wood, lumber grade used. Rotten and worm-eaten wood does not allow for the structures and defects that affect the structural strength is mainly wood, twill and crack.

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