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Wood Structures
Jun 17, 2016

Trunk bark, Cambium, xylem (wood) and core components. From a cross section of the trunk xylem can see rings around the pith. Each ring is usually made up of two parts: the pigmented part of said material (Springwood), earlier in the season, larger cells, materials more sparsely; color depth is part of the latewood (autumn wood), was late in the season, smaller cell, material denser. Some of the wood, in the middle of the trunk, dark, desirable material edge, lighter in color, called sapwood. Conifer wood is mainly composed of tracheids, Ray and axial parenchyma, etc, regularly arranged, more uniform texture. Hardwood is mainly composed of vessels, fibres, axial parenchyma, Ray composition, structure is more complex. Due to the composition of wood cells are arranged forming difference and stripes parallel to the grain. Stripes can be distinguished as the rays uniform radial; and Ray perpendicular to the chord. Conifer wood trunks of tall, straight texture, easy processing, drying, cracking and deformation smaller, suitable as a structural material. Some hardwood, hard texture, texture, color and beautiful, is suitable as decoration material.

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